Why Kagi?

Kagi began as a pioneer in international ecommerce in 1994. Back then we had the goal of making it easy for small software companies to get online and get paid. One of the most heartwarming comments I ever heard about Kagi came from a loyal customer who stopped by at a trade show. He said that without Kagi lots of great independent software products wouldn't exist. Wow!

It’s a long way from 1994, but the heart of our mission remains the same. We are here to nurture and grow your great small software company. Updated offerings provide you with easy to use interfaces, transparent pricing, and clear reporting. We reaffirm our international beginnings with an ever increasing array of truly globalized offerings that help you do business around the world with confidence. Check out the Kagi experience for yourself.

One fundamental shift from 1994 is that Kagi is no longer just a place to go to get credit cards accepted, or even a place to go to get tools to help you sell your product. We go beyond the BUY button to become a virtual extension of your software business.

We want to truly become partners in your success. Far from being just lip service, we are here for you when you need to have a conversation, noodle a new idea, or get your newest product update out the door in time for your next tradeshow.

Today buyers expect even small companies to have the polish and extended services of large business. They expect localized offerings, personalized services and ‘always on’ support. There is a dizzying array of opportunities and pressures that all businesses—especially small ones—cope with in terms of social media, mobile payments, mobile sales, SEO, customer interaction management, fragmented payment mechanisms, and on and on. In such a distracting environment, how can you drive traffic, increase your sales, and manage your business? With Kagi.

We’re here to help you cut through the noise and the hype. We strive to provide value added services that make a real difference to your bottom line. We want to take some of the burden of small business ownership off your back. Join the Kagi community of suppliers and see what we can do for you.